Not just sensation
    (Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell, Mind);
Not just awareness;
Not just concentration;
Not just observation;
Not just recognition;
Not just communication;
Not just contact;
Not just interconnection;
Not just interaction;
Not just interrelation;
Not just interdependence.
We are not just separate entities interacting.
We inter-are (*).

In Interbeing, in the only, unbounded,
impermanent, ever-evolving present moment,
there is already no separateness.
in distance or time.

We are distinct, but without separateness.

Understanding that we 
are empty of a separate, free-standing self,
we begin to realize the path 
to end suffering caused by the delusion of separateness. 
in ourselves and all others.

- imho gs 

Sum of All Vectors

We are the evolutionary, statistical sum of all vectors.

How could it be otherwise?

We are not separate --
nor merely tenuously interconnected,
interrelated, interdependent.

Separateness is a painful delusion, 
like tiny islands forgetting
they are gigantic mountains whose peaks
just happen to barely peek above the water.

Mountains, whose tectonic roots
extend into the mantle,
that floats on Earth's molten core.

Just as Earth floats in an evolutionary, statistical sum of all vectors,

We inter-are.

How could it be otherwise?

-- GS 2022.06.22

Apologies to Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gil Fronsdal, Charles Darwin.

Fronsdal translation of the opening verse of The Dhammapada
"All experience is preceded by mind,
led by mind, made by mind ..." 

Multiple-Model-Dependent Realism
Stephen Hawking

Essential Workers

so much depends

these essential

hefting my red trash

heavy with rain

beside their white

gs -- 2020.11.21
Apologies to William Carlos Williams

Nature's Roomba and a Sleepy Time Machine

Tumbleweeds are Nature's Roomba

Sleep is Nature's time machine; fast forward only.