There once was a goldsmith
Both clever and bold,
Who made crowns of brass not of gold.

Archimedes found out,
and gave out with a shout.
Eureka!, this crown's been Brasso'd.

- Winning entry submitted by GS to a monthly Brasso advertising jingle contest announced in the Army Times newspaper, in 1971 while stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland, desperately awaiting ETS (expiration term of service) and return to civilian status. Truth to tell, i think every GI who sent in a jingle, got a "winning" $10 check from Brasso -- supporting the troops the old fashioned way -- with beer money.

In Defense of Wally

TO: Scott Adams,
I offer the following in defense of Wally. From his point of view, he's not irresponsibly unproductive -- he's responsibly conserving his ability to surge, however rarely necessary that may be. Why, i mean, there was one late afternoon just last year when Wally ...

Be well,
Garold Out-at-Five Stone, retired federal bureaucrat & former cubicle denizen

PS: Your Out-at-Five motto helped keep me sane before i pulled the rip cord. Thanks.