Kitten Rescued in Crystal Plaza

This afternoon i saw this little hungry and thirsty kitten, who had been hiding from the hot sun under the entrance sign at Crystal Plaza for who knows how long.

After calling SPCA in Prince George's County, i caught it with a harm-free HavaHart trap; feed it and gave it water; and then delivered it for health care and, hopefully, adoption.

Creating The Now We Need

Outcomes? Yes, there will always be some kind of Outcome.
So, in this new moment i will humbly try to help create the Now we all need;
Patiently observing the arising Outcomes, without clinging or aversion;
And continue trying to help create each new, needed, ever-changing Now.

-- gs 2009.04.02

Mindful Wave

Arise, mindful wave!
Know that there is arising.
Who is arising?

Arise, mindful wave!
Absorb nearby momentums'
summing energies.

Arise, mindful wave!
Beware the heady self.
Take just what's given.

Abide, mindful wave!
Know that there is abiding.
Who is abiding?

Abide, mindful wave!
Experience follows mind,
Led and made by mind.¹

Abide, mindful wave!
Breathe. See clearly. Know what is.
Let go to be free.

Engage, mindful wave!
Know that there is engaging.
Who engages whom?

Engage, mindful wave!
Shaped by and gently shaping
Vast contingent seas.

Engage, mindful wave!
In high swells or flat water,
Be what's needed Now.

Abate, mindful wave.
Know that there is abating.
Who is abating?

Abate, mindful wave.
Pass on your life's momentums'
Lasting legacies.

Abate, mindful wave.
Profound equanimity.

- gs 2008.09.03/2008.10.12
See Mindfulness Metaphor - Wave - gs 2006.06.11

¹ This verse draws from opening verses 1-2 of The Dhammapada,
as translated by Gil Fronsdal:
"All experience is preceded by mind, Led by mind, Made by mind."

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Translated & Annotated by Gil Fronsdal,
with forward by Jack Kornfield