Ms. Ginger 2006?- 2015.04.16

In memorium. Today, April 16, 2015, after a week in hospital, and a further two-week long struggle at home with intensive medication, and a rush to emergency this afternoon, Ms. Ginger succumbed to the consequences of hyper-thyroidism, kidney failure, hypercardia, and anemia, not to mention allergies. She was chronically ill when Linda compassionately picked her from the sick room at the Greenbelt Animal Shelter in 2011 -- At that time a vet guessed she was 5 years old. So, she was only about 10 years old when she died. In those few years she was an ever gentle, loving companion to Linda and me, especially for me these two past years. Starting tonight, TV will never again be the same without her on my lap.
I thought i had a picture of Ms. Ginger and Ella, but i didn't find it -- if you have other pictures of Ms Ginger, please send them. Thanks

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